Welcome to Silent Light Nature Photography

This site hosts some of Mike Dougherty's photography. Mike is a photographer from Clarkston, Michigan. He grew up in northeast Ohio and holds B.A. (English) and M.A. (Geography) degrees from Kent State University. He has worked for over 30 years in the Information Technology industry.

Mike has been a serious photographer since his college days when he had his own darkroom and developed his own film and prints. His photographic interests include scenes and subjects that illustrate the beauty of the natural world and the diversity of life within it.

He has completed the Michigan Master Naturalist and Michigan Conservation Stewards programs and does volunteer work for various organizations that are focused on the stewardship and conservation of our natural environment.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Blue Heron Headwaters Conservancy (BHHC).

If you have interest in any of his work or photography and video services, please contact him at [email protected]

Photo credit: Bret Gallagher